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Brochure Designing

Posted by Team Anaahat

Brochure Designing

Many may think that brochure designing is all about making information look pretty. But the truth cannot be farther from that. At Anaahat the team is dedicated to the cause of giving clear, honest and yes of course aesthetically sound narration and depiction of the information. Our clients feel that brochure designing is one of our standouts, but we believe that we only present the true picture and honesty does the rest!
We are about to reveal what no one else would. We will now lead you into thought that we apply to brochure designing. Anaahat undeniably finds the front cover to be the most important part of the brochure and ideally it should be as much about colour, theme and information as about the company’s USP. So one has to see the entire picture clearly before homing onto a single piece of information and have clear reasons for utilizing that information for the front cover.
You know what makes brochure designing a tricky job? The fact more often than not our clients do not have clarity on the information that they would want to project in the brochure is what makes our job tricky. Hey! But whoever complained about challenges! We Love them! So we start from getting the relevant information, prioritizing it, filling in the gaps by asking for more relevant information, structuring it and lastly shaping it into an interesting form.
Our content too has many styles and registers. We are one with the thought that content is as important an aspect brochure designing as its other creative aspects. Content cannot be overwhelming and neither can it be insignificant. The USP of the product and the company are our key focus areas for the content.
When all of these are summed up, brochure designing happens at Anaahat! Yet the final product is off course finalized by the client, cause we truly believe that we own our thoughts but the client owns the product ! 


Creamicals Website design

Posted by Team Anaahat
Can you even believe that icre-cream without preservatives, stabilizers and colours does exist? Last year my friend Dr. Yash had introduced me & Pune to the healthiest form of ice-cream by opening his liquid nitrogen ice-cream shoppe in Kothrud. Today he launches the website. Yash, team Anaahat loved every moment from designing the decor of the shop to designing this cool website. Can’t wait to get my hands on one more scoop...but for now I’ll make do with your yummuliscious website at


Website and profile design for singer Raj Heer

Posted by Team Anaahat
Music has always pulled Anaahat. In fact for those of you did not know even our name is the first sound of the universe. Hey and talking about the universe, London isn’t so……far from India and we are happy to manage London based artist, Raj’s portfolio for her. Raj it’s been a pleasure working with you so far and thanks for trusting Anaahat to manage all your events,projects and works. So go ahead and catch a glimpse of Raj on


Rocky Handsome

Posted by Team Anaahat
We feel proud to wish our client Bawaras, for their resounding success in having provided such wonderful music compositions and background score for Rocky Handsome. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with such stalwarts. We look forward to providing them with a unique website which shall further contribute to their success in future endeavours.


Exhibition Stall Designing_MIDEST 2015 PARIS

Posted by Team Anaahat

For Developing strong and fruitful partnerships face to face. MIDEST organised Exhibition in 2015 at PARIS.
Benefit from the targeted business meetings programme organised by b2fair – Business to Fairs®, to meet the people (both exhibitors AND visitors) who will lead your current and future projects to success. 
Our Customer C-tech Engineers India( Manufacturer of Machine Components) participated this year. 
The task was to design the Stall & Marketing tools. 
Team Anaahat successfully came up with a fresh and new look which resulted in more visits and conversion ratio.

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