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logo and Packaging Design for Dairy

Type of Business : FMCG         

Services of Dairy Products
One of the well-established brands in the dairy industry of Sangli, Brahma retains to be the first choice of customers. They provide the cleanest and healthiest milk, for which the focus on nutrition starts from the animals themselves, thus leading to more nutritional milk and milk products.The production is in quality through hygienic and controlled processing and modern technologies.
Trademark the facilities
The Brahma Dairy wanted to develop a logo to give a distinct vision for the establishment of the product.
Unique labelling pattern

The team Anaahat processed an ideal criterion for the logo design consisting of the initials of alphabet ‘B’ for the upper portion in a horizontal position which also signifies a snout of a cow or buffalo representing the relevant purpose of the dairy plant. The lower section of the logo symbolizes an image of a container used to store milk. The collective design was appreciated by the organizers of Brahma which was the initial draft created by the team Anaahat in the first go itself without alterations.
Other supplies consisted of the factory board, visiting cards, leaflets, newspaper inserts, brochures for the retail counters and stamping the brand logo on the milk pouches and packets.
Brand journey starts with its logo design. It is the identity of the company and hence we at Anaahat take great care to make sure that it creates the right and lasting impression.