Anaahat Studios


Art Direction | Web Design for an Ice cream Parlour

Type of Business :  FMCG- Frozen Desserts.

Healthier taste for Icecream
The brand revolutionise the age old concept of ice creams in the delicious world of dessert by providing nitrogen- base in order to restrict the usage of the preservatives and artificial ingredients. This concept is primary approach ever established before in India.
Creating the setup
The owners aimed in creating a primitive brand which is earlier never launched for the same concept. Their vision included the facility of Franchises and supporting businesses in order to reach the worldwide context.
Complete package of Branding
The team Anaahat imparted a complete frame structure to the Creamicals as an official partner for branding and advertising. Thecreations of start-up begin with understanding the concept of nitrogen based ice-cream and presenting it into a well-structured shop design. Nature theme was selected as the basic subject because of the natural ingredients in flavouring the ice cream which was taken ahead by wallpaper designing and redecorating the entire location. The menu-cards were customised with contemporary style including product photo shoot. Further details were showcased during the website creation for the exquisite service provided by the confectionery ice-cream parlour.
  The futuristic impression for the brand was created in the logo creation. Since the theme was relative to the chemistry, the characters were represented in lookalikeview of the periodic table. The ideology behind one capital and other small ‘C’ alphabet for the logo initials is indeed a unique creation ever used before for any logo by us. To strive further, a punch line was created ‘spoonful of magic’ to highlight the complete essence of the related content. Even documentary was directed about the process of making the ice cream till serving to the customer for reaching out the curiosity of masses about how nitrogen- based icecream is served. The documentary was supported by a background music recorded by the Anaahat Music Studios to give leverage for value of the product.
In a dynamic process of kickstart branding with the requirement of multiple parameters like content, interior, design, music etc, a method with integrated solutions is vital for the successful establishment of the brand.
When an extensive setup of the project is laid, a complete 360 degree problem solving technique is the primary objective required for its completion.


Project Details