Anaahat Studios


Logo Design For A Pathology Laboratory & Services

It’s all about Diagnosis!
A pathological laboratory located in Pune named as Glow Vision with all the required elements and components for generating reports and carrying several tests.
Accentuate the lab
The establishment of identity design was a necessity for the Glow vision. Her target was to deliver a cost effective simplified user experience with minimal utilization of time. She also encouraged different campswith maximum required tests as one stop solution.
Exhilarating the standards
The team Anaahat planned a profound emphasis especially on the logo of the brand as customers were the end users. Since the microscope is an implication for the laboratory, the design of logo was encircled around whichsignalled the observation noticed during the reports in a G-alphabet. A conical flask represented the experiments of the chemistry reference giving a symbolic representation of the laboratory version.Even, the envelopes had a window-based cover for the clear visibility of the details. A pale blue was imprinted as the basic shade signalling the presence of medical science field.