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Marathe Engineering Works Branding

Type of Business : Manufactures of Hot water boilers and Industrial washing machines.

30 years of Expertise
 Mostly famous as leading manufacturers in high quality Laundry Equipments and Hot Water Boilers in India they are established since 1982. Some hardware machinery namely Hydro extractors, flat run ironer, washer extractor and many more have facilitated hotels, hospitals, hostels, pilgrimages, lodges and marriage halls.
Defining the existence 
The owners were seeking to renovate the logistics of branding and logo design to elevate their presence of experience and expertise since decades in order to establish trustful relationship with the customers.
Magnified the standards
The team Anaahat provided an affirmative surrounding for the establishment. A new logo was designed featuring the initials of ‘M’ to designate their alignment which overall reflected the ‘V’ impression that express symbol for victory.
A neat presentation of brochure designed was constructed with well- presented photo shoot of the products that can give an impressive and adequate sight to the viewer.


Project Details

Marathe Engineering Works