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Website Design For A Roofing Solution Provider

Type of Business :Manufacturing

Roofing all the structures
The NPMPD abbreviation stands for New Pashchim MaharashtraPatra Depot which is one of the oldest industries in innovative and self supported roofing technology.  Taking varied aspects into consideration while designing solutions for clients has lent New Pashchim Maharashtra Patra Depot the opportunity to glimpse the pinnacle of engineering success.
Launching on air
The creators of NPMPD appealed for their coverage for reaching to people through advertisement in the radio.
Auxiliary assistance
The team Anaahat not only produced jingle as per the requirement but demonstrated for refashioning the existing composition which gave a refined look for the organisation. The major concern for modifications was figured out when we tried to view the website of the company which was not even in existence. Hence, as per our strategically planned outline a proper design was formulated to systemize their facilities.
Apart from the logo creation that highlights the symbolic representation of the roofing techniques several services were constructed for proper planning and arrangement of the project. The office branding and stationery consisted of dress code, official email system, generation of identity cards, brochures, leaflets, pamphlets, one page catalogue with detailed information  and most importantly colour shading the multiple documented files that was a huge relief for the working processes. 
Alongside, our vision was to lay a technology touch to the firm as it would be compatible enough for the complex projects. The products were precisely named as per their characteristics like Durvbatuf showcasing the qualities of durability and toughness which gave a new identification standard for the equipments. In the website a product photo shoot was launched which further gave a tranquil presence for the system to easily find the needful equipments. The added features of download brochure and specific information of the dealers in the website gave it a prominent effect to maintain a vast resourceful firm. The team Anaahat developed such a cordial relationship that even theatre commercial was shot by the studio apart from renovating the factory.
To maintain vigorous and jovial customer relationships on the stronger grounds, One should have a lucrative & solution driven approach.


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