Roltech Conveyors

Conveyors Spare Manufacturers
Being established in the year 2008, Roltechwere supplying Conveyor spare parts particularly rollers (idlers), and frames. They have clients from various sectors namely original Equipment Manufacturers, Sugar Industries, InfrastructuresMining, Cement, Fertilizers, and food processing firms.

Formation of Conveyor System
The firm was aiming to flourish in the market up to the expected level of attainment by associating with several material handling system exhibitions. While participating in the campaign, they assessed their presentation and figured out the scope of modification to a certain level. They believed that a major emphasis should be laid on the brochure design that will escalate their performance.

Anaahat’s Transformative Insight for Roltech

The Anaahat team assessed Roltech across the 4 M’s – Man, Machinery, Material, and Method, signaling a need for a comprehensive rebranding. Recognizing the company’s growth and evolving quality standards, we envisioned a shift from spare parts promotion to a complete Conveyor System setup.
Modifications spanned dress code, work area branding, factory branding, and digital branding. The outdated logo, with three circular arrows, was replaced with a conveyor belt trail in white, black, and yellow, aligning perfectly with the company’s identity shift.
This calculated, futuristic branding approach, executed by Anaahat, solidified Roltech’s position in the conveyor industry, showcasing the transformative power of effective branding.


Client: Roltech

Services: Branding

Industry: Manufacturing