One of our old customer contacted us to come up with name and kick-start branding for their new idea of business. The idea was to deliver healthy meals across the Maharashtra state. Our challenge was to deliver this Not-tech idea into a design and the digital way which will increase their experience.

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We found some key points while suggesting a name for the business.

We find some related keywords for the business
Eg – healthy meal, meal distributor, healthy meal provider, fitness meals
Properties of the product
Eg – fresh, veg-nonveg, goal-based, verity

Unique selling point
Eg – Home delivery, packed in a box

High Volume Keywords in Area
1. Healthy meal products
2. Fitness meals products
3. nutritious meals
4. Packed in box
5. Home delivery
6. Healthy meal delivery

Brand Name
We finally decided on the name “healthy meal box.”
Again the name ‘healthy meal box’ is quite big so we compacted it in one word for ease of use, ease of pronouncing, simple & compact.
Therefore we deconstructed the name to just “mealbox”

Concept & Analysis
We considered these points on priority for analysis of mealbox
1. Unique name – Done
2. .com domain should be available (Priority) – Done
3. Should be a keyword which will drive traffic through Name (URL) itself – Done

Well frankly, the client required a logo in Text only format, Bold, Appealing, Rich and modern.

Text Only – Typography, Fonts
Bold – Thick
Appealing – Some pattern for consistency OR something which attract users immediately
Rich – Black & White
Modern – We preferred modern, flat gradients




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June 28, 2021

Various project views

As we began to plan out the implementation details, and started to make design decisions, it became clear that changes would need to be made to the architecture defined in the previous assessment. At the start of the assessment, we scoped out which requirements and features we wanted to implement by the assessment deadline. We used the assessment brief provided to us and and took into account the amount of time we had until the assessment deadline to determine how far we wanted to take the project and what features we wanted to implement.

Furnishing Details