Revolutionizing Dairy Packaging: Kaarvi’s Journey with Anaahat

Kaarvi, a dairy setup, approached us for a packaging and social media design overhaul. Their vision was clear: to redefine their brand identity while retaining purity and authenticity. We took on the challenge with enthusiasm, delivering a striking new packaging design that sets them apart in the competitive dairy market.

Gone are the clichés; our design features clean white backgrounds conveying purity, complemented by vibrant fluid strokes hinting at the contents’ nature. The modern aesthetic not only elevates Kaarvi’s branding but also positions them as industry innovators.

Our innovative use of colors breathes new life into their packaging, capturing Kaarvi’s commitment to quality and innovation. Beyond packaging, we’ve extended our support to include retailer branding, vehicle branding, and targeted advertising, ensuring Kaarvi’s presence is felt far and wide.

As Kaarvi continues to grow, we’re proud to stand by their side, providing ongoing packaging design support and strategic branding solutions. Together, we’re shaping the future of dairy branding, one innovative design at a time.


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Karvi Milk


Food, Beverages & Apparels


December 26, 2018

Various project views

As we began to plan out the implementation details, and started to make design decisions, it became clear that changes would need to be made to the architecture defined in the previous assessment. At the start of the assessment, we scoped out which requirements and features we wanted to implement by the assessment deadline. We used the assessment brief provided to us and and took into account the amount of time we had until the assessment deadline to determine how far we wanted to take the project and what features we wanted to implement.

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