Get Set Go!!

One of the indigenous manufacturers of Gokarting, Primebull Auto promotes Indian origin Gokarts and Dune Buggy equipments which are more economical as compared to the foreign counterparts. Based from the three years, they provide accessories and machineries like Terra Kart, Rental Karts and Dune Buggy.

Locate Inland
The entrepreneurs were thoughtful about the cultural setup of Gokarting especially in India. Since major proportion of the industry was occupied by international standards, Primebull Company aimed that people should rely on the working operators produced only from India.

Foundational Setup
The team Anaahat devised a subtle framework that embarked on their growth from the Indian market. The logo design was a niche representation of the corresponding field with an amusing punch line ‘Get set go kart’. The creation of the logo marked the presence of a bull-shaped structure in the middle depicting the sturdiness used during the races of Gokarting and the significance of three primary colours of the Indian Flag boasting its creation from India. The website developed further gave the detailed vision of enhancing their dream to create an Auto Hub.